Friday, 12 September 2014

Kitty gets a mousey makeover!

Here's some more Kitty Hawk inspired art, this time from the marker set of the cutest little pip in indie comics: Sara Dunkerton! 
This was handed to us during the Bristol Comics Expo in May, the very weekend that Sara and Matt Gibbs launched their amazing anthropomorphic adventure epic MULP.  Go check it out! The first issue is utterly, utterly gorgeous. We can't wait to see more!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Fan Art

Check out this AWESOME Marker F'art (Fan Art ;p) by none other that The Red Mask From Mars creator Vince Hunt. We love Vince and his comic!
One of the best things about exhibiting at comic conventions is pissing about drawing each others characters when we get a bit of down time! I've had some amazing drawings of Kitty thrust at me on a Sunday. I really should dig them out and post them here!
What do you think of this one? I adore Vince's version of Kitty. He's got such a 'toony style, right up my street!
His comic is hilarious, you really should check it out!


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Issue #3 Sneak Peek...

Work on the anticipated #3 is well underway! It has taken a lot more effort to finalise the script for this comic as it is the beginning of a much bigger story arc. We really wanted to make sure all the right elements were included, a tight script is extremely important to us ^_^

However, that doesn't stop me messing about with pencils in the meanwhile! Here is a mocked up version of what I hope the final cover will look like! It's the issue cover I've been waiting for since Alex has been my favourite character since damn near the time Ian asked 'Hey, do you wanna make a comic!?'
She's ma gurl!

We'll be attending Melksham Comic Con at the end of this month! Are you coming? I am releasing Worry Wart and our friend The Red Mask From Mars will be there too! You need to check this comic out! It's hellafun!


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Thought Bubble 2013

So I think too much time has passed for any meaningful write up of Thought Bubble 2013, but I do want to point out that we've added the few pictures we managed to snap over the weekend to the supporters tab.

We also want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came to speak to us during the event.

Memorable highlights for me include having an awesome Transformers chat with a guy while Dani sketched a Bone for him, chatting to two girls about panel layouts in Young Avengers while Dani sketched Miss America pictures for them, meeting Vincent Krasauskas and since discovering his excellent something-for-everyone-journalism via A Guide To Geekdom, meeting the Ironshod Ape guys (thanks to Austin for the connection) and buying their excellent comics, and, as always, getting to hang out with the Lou Scannon brothers. Our weekend was also perpetually perked up by the awesome Kev Brett, organiser of NerdFest Comic Con, who, in addition to being a cool guy, also kept bringing us loads of sweets. Sweet!

The five star highlight of my weekend though actually had nothing to do with Thought Bubble, but was simply enjoying a relaxed pub meal on the Saturday night with our friends and co-exhibitors, toymaker Kerry Dyer and artist extraordinaire Phil Johnson. Do check out their work.

My con haul is pictured below, and though embarrassingly small I like to think it makes up for quantity with quality. Props again to Ironshod Ape - I'm really looking forward to crossing paths with these guys again and seeing more of the 'Cthulhiad' series and the next 'Beached Rockets'. Thanks to Gareth for the sketch in the back of issue #2, it's really whet my appetite for #3 (we're totally stealing that idea by the way), and thanks to Andrew for the spaceship sketch (I've a feeling you didn't want to part with it, but weren't gonna let Gareth get one up on you in the sketch stakes either).

So that's Thought Bubble (kind of). Hope to see you at a con soon.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 eh?

Happy New Year everyone!

So, here we are staring down the barrel of 2014. Looking back, we’re really proud of what we achieved last year. We launched our comic book, got a second issue out (completing the story arc), made appearances at six separate comic conventions across the UK, and moved our blog site to its own dot com. Phewf! And we had a shit ton of fun doing it all.

Of course, looking back is all well and good, but here at RazarHawk Towers we’re all about looking forward. So what’s in store for this year?

Well, hands down our main focus is to get more issues out. We’ve got a really good outline of the next story line, which will expand the RazarHawk world and develop the characters. It’s more involved than the first storyline for sure, and we’re anticipating it to take up four issues at least. That means we might not get the whole thing out this year, but we’re hyped and excited to get going!

We’ve got three comic convention appearances already booked for 2014 (Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham), with another currently being booked. And we may well arrange more throughout the year as and when bookings become available. Also on the convention front we’re aiming to add a second back banner to our stand, as well as remembering to always pack our beautiful blue table cloth so we don’t need to nick a bed sheet from the hotel.

Finally we’re looking forward to meeting readers old and new, as well as catching up with all the awesome friends we’ve made through the small press comic scene. You’re all amazing!

All this is yet to come, but to kick the year off in style we wanted to show you these awesome pictures that we discovered while trawling through the vault in preparation for 2014. These were drawn for us last May at the Bristol Comic Expo by some of our younger readers. Many thanks to Chloe and William (and parents). We hope you’ll continue to draw loads of cool new pictures this year, and one day we’ll be buying your comic!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thought Bubble 2013

RAZARHAWK will be making the pilgrimage to Leeds for the epic Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival 2013 in little over a weeks time!

Thought Bubble is one of the major events on the con calendar and we are so excited to make our debut appearance in the brand spanking new Allied London Hall!

You can find us at Table 122 on this handy map!

TB 2013 promises to be bigger and better than ever with the addition of a THIRD hall full of comics! Jeez!
It's ram-jammed full of amazing guests from all over the globe and packed to the brim with an amazing line up of talks and panels. We're in ruddy good company in the Allied London Hall, rubbing table cloths with Lou Scannon and Moon among many others!

Come see us to pick up your copies of Razarhawk #1 and #2 and stay for a sketch and sophisticated chat!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Falmouth! Not Foul Mouth!

So last weekend, with the rest of the comic community headed to London for the big MCM expo, Team RazarHawk did the complete opposite and travelled to the quaint Cornish coastal town of Falmouth to champion the underdog, the brand new 22 Panels Comic Con.

Located in the quirky Poly Arts Centre (complete with a theatre ghost currently haunting the fridge - that’s what Coral told me anyway), 22 Panels - our second “little con that could” of the year along with Melksham Comic Con back in August - managed to boast the attendance of the legendary John M. Burns with his portfolio of original Modesty Blaise artwork, the all-star Jock with his expressive art style, and self made comic book heroes Paul Grist and Dan Berry sharing a table together, among others. There was also an exhibition of original 2000AD artwork, workshops, panel discussions, and screenings.

On the small press side of things, RazarHawk spent the weekend hanging out with some cool creators and talking to lots of friendly people. Massive shout outs have to go to our awesome table neighbours Phil, Phil and Chris. To our left was Phil Johnson, an amazing artist who was selling character sketches over the weekend as well as displaying his portfolio. His draftsmanship is classically comic book and eye-wateringly good. I even caught John Burns admiring his work, and that says something. Check out the RoboCop and Lara Croft he drew for me and Dani respectively.

 We’re looking forward to catching up with Phil at Thought Bubble, where we plan to stretch a piece of string with yoghurt pots on either end between our tables so we can chat. You can see more of Phil’s work at his website. Also thanks to Phil’s mum for bringing us fancy biscuits. On our right was Chris Odgers, main man of Sawhorse Publishing. An all around creative renaissance man, he was selling the sumptuously bound books that he writes and lavishly illustrates in his intricate pen and ink style. It makes me wince to think about how much time must go into his work. He was also selling limited edition prints as well as displaying original artwork that he’s contributed to some up and coming books. Check him out at:

One table down from Chris sat Phil Harvey. A class act and with great taste in music, we hit it off pretty quickly. He was selling prints and artwork that demonstrated the diverse range of styles that he’s capable of. He’s currently adding caricature artwork to that range, and judging by the caricature he did of me (on the sly I might add, without me posing) I’d say he’s getting pretty proficient pretty quickly. Check out more of his work at his website here!

As well as work by these three top gentlemen, my other sweet steal from the weekend was the latest addition to my RoboCop band sketches by Dan Berry. We met this friendly fellow in Derry, Northern Ireland earlier in the year for the 2D Festival where I asked him to sketch me a RoboCop. Taking full creative licence, he depicted RoboCop rocking out with guitar and brogue shoes. After this I’d decided that every time we cross paths at a convention I’m gonna ask him for another sketch of RoboCop playing a different instrument, and slowly build a Robo Band. This time around, I had to get the rhythm section down - check it out, RoboCop wailing on his 209 drum kit. I love it! (P.s. See the 2D write up below for a look at the previous sketch. Also, check out Dan’s great comics podcast

So, aside from the tool who ran our not-worth-it-for-the-price B&B telling me I couldn't open the front door because “the wind must be blowing on it”, amongst other twatty behaviour, we had a great time in Falmouth.

We hope to see 22 Panels return to this burgeoning little art community again next year.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Post-NerdFest post

Goblins. Elves. Space Marines. Demons. All archetypes of fantasy/science-fiction, and all synonymous with the city of Nottingham.

Commonly known by its moniker "the lead-belt", the city is somewhat of a mecca for manufacturers of pewter figurines, and in fact you could be forgiven for never having heard of Nottingham until the roleplaying and table-top wargames hobbies put it on the map.*

Today it's hard to remember a time when Games Workshop didn't rule Nottingham with an iron fist, for so long now have ten-feet-tall space marine statues stood implacably before the gates of Warhammer World, watching over the modest sized car park much as the eye of Sauron watches over Middle Earth.

But we're not here to tell stories of thieves stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. We're here to talk about Nottingham's new cultural horizon - NERD FEST!!!

Last Saturday RazarHawk exhibited at the very first Nerd Fest, a new comic convention held at the Britannia Hotel, and we had a great time.

First and foremost I want to give credit to Kev and the team for their hard work organising a well run convention. In the months since booking our table we had received regular e-mail updates on their progress and this was followed up on the day by helpful staff who showed us to our table where we found a welcome pack of bottled water, sweets and pencils/pens. The layout of the convention rooms was well thought through and allowed for plenty of space around the tables, which, as anyone else who exhibits regularly at comic conventions will appreciate, was a real luxury.

Promptly finding ourselves flanked by Steve Tanner/Time Bomb Comics to our right and Tom Tukes/Genma Visage to the left, we knew that if nothing else we'd at least be able to happily chat the day away with our table neighbours.

Of course, we needn't have worried about finding people to chat to. As soon as the doors opened (which was a few minutes late as the guy with the keys went AWOL, lol), the convention rooms filled up. At the vanguard of the crowds a Caprica Six cylon strode confidently through the doors, commanding her chromed robot entourage to pose for photographs. A squad of Stormtroopers and, bizarrely, the Stig from Top Gear then filed into the hall behind the Six, before the people of Nottingham flooded in to keep us busy for the day.

Being the first ever Nerd Fest it was a one-day event only, and jam packed into the hours 10am to 4pm. This was great as it meant we were continually chatting to friendly and enthusiastic comic book fans for a large part of the day, and even with such esteemed comic book creators as Gary Erskine and John McRae within spitting distance, we were never short of people showing interest in RazarHawk. Good thing too, as I'd clocked Mantic Games' table on the way in and knew that given half a chance I'd be leaving Nottingham with a copy of their futuristic board game 'DreadBall' despite desperately trying to cauterise the flow of money from my wallet in the run up to the festive season. As it stands, Dani still has a chance of getting a Christmas present this year.

Adding to the good vibes was the live music provided by local Nottingham bands. This was a cool and novel idea for a comic convention, although we were glad our table was at the far end of the hall as at times we struggled to hold a conversation with our customers over the volume.

Overall we had a fantastic day and for me it was perfectly rounded off by getting to join the cream of UK comic book artists by sketching a shitting pig in master printer Stuart Gould's art book (see pictures under the 'supporters' tab).

So, huge thanks to everybody who stopped by our table, and Roll on Nerd Fest 2014! We hope to see you there.



* Obviously I'm being heavily sarcastic and I would encourage anyone to browse Nottingham's wikipedia page - it truly is a culturally rich city.
Thanks to @sweena off've Elysia for taking this picture! :D 

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Clench tight geek peeps, this might make you shit!

The murderously good picture you see to the left is the cover for the second printing of RazarHawk issue #2, and we are as excited to announce it as no doubt you are to see it.

As we did with issue #1, we invited a guest artist to create an image to mark the second printing, and this time around we approached Dave Clifford, a veteran of the South Wales and South West small press comics scene having self-published eight issues and counting of the excellent 'Dexters Half Dozen' - the comic series he co-creates with writer Jamie Lambert.

Asking Dave to do the alternative cover for issue #2 really was a no brainer. 'Dexters Half Dozen' is my personal favourite small press comic (I'm even the proud owner of original artwork from the series), and quite honestly I've been trying to find an opportunity to gush about it for a while.

Set during World War 2, the "half dozen" are a band of allied forces misfits hand picked by Dexter Kilby - Churchill's occult advisor - to reconnoitre and engage the growing supernatural threat employed by the Nazis that is being largely co-ordinated by the powerful entity known as Walpurgis. Jamie's storylines are a melting pot of shady characters, mixed agendas and great ideas, and his skill at setting up enigmatic plot hooks then delivering gobsmacking pay-offs not only keeps me eagerly awaiting every issue, but is also a major influence on my own writing for RazarHawk. As for the artwork, Dave's expressive and cinematically expressionist art style - which harks to films such as 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari', 'Nosferatu' and 'The Golem'- complements the tone of the comic perfectly, menace lurking in every angular shadow and silhouette.

It should go without saying that both myself and Dani are huge fans of Dave's work, and we're honoured that he's brought all the elements of his style to our own comic. I love his distinctive figure drawing and line work, I love his textured brush strokes, and I love the visceral splatter artefacts that he uses so well in 'Dexter's Half Dozen' to lend it a pulpy quality. And I love that all this is wrapped up compositionally in a twisted echo of the visual themes that are an ongoing part of Dani's own RazarHawk covers.

We hope to bring you a few words in the near future by Dave himself about the creation of this piece, and the cover itself will be unleashed on Saturday the 5th October 2013 at Nottingham's NerdFest, which is our next convention appearance.

Until then, you'll just have to take your computer to the bathroom every time you want to look at it.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013


RazarHawk's next convention appearance will be the NerdFest event in Nottingham! It is the first comic con to be held in the city and is a one day event (on Saturday 5th October!) packed with awesome guests, artists and exhibitors!

And yes, Ian Matthews will be in attendance! #IanWatch

But, steady yourselves, that is not the most exciting news! We'll be unleashing the new, totally the most awesome, the-most-beautiful-thing-I-have-ever-laid-my-eyes-on, seriously-I-love-it, BAD ASS, limited alternative cover for Issue #2! 

Maybe we'll tease it soon? 

If you have not picked up a copy of Issue #2 yet and won't be at Nerdfest - fret not! We still have a couple of original cover versions, as well as digital options, to buy on our always-open-online-convention-table: here! :D 

Will we be seeing you at Nottingham?! I really hope we will get chance to visit the infamous Page 45 comic shop too!

- Dani

Monday, 2 September 2013

MCC 2013!

This weekend RAZARHAWK had the pleasure of appearing at the second Melksham Comic Convention! Any way I try to describe it in my head sounds completely patronising but it really is the 'little con that could!' Set in an idyllic Wiltshire village (in the community hall no less) it's fair to call it small. But boy, did it pack a fierce little punch! With guests such as Mike Collins, Kieron Gillen and Emma Vieceli, lots of fun indie comics tables, a gigantic Harley Quinn LIFE SIZE CAKE, a fun raffle with lots of whooping and hollarin', and really well attended by kids and grown ups alike, it was hard to forget that you weren't at one of the more established conventions! 
I was flying solo, as anyone within a 50 foot radius may have heard, so thank you from the bottom of my bum for coming to chat to me and buy my comics! I had so much fun! 

Huge thanks to everyone who made it! And if you didn't, FRET NOT. For you can still pick up copies of RH #1 and #2 at my super cool online comics shop: HERE

We don't have many issues of #2 left! We are so excited about who we have lined up to create our alternative cover too! ARGH! It's so exciting getting new print runs! 

Our next appearance will be 5th October for Nottingham's NERDfest :D Ian will be back! Yay! Hurrah! New cover! Whoo! 

See you there :)

- Dani

Saturday, 17 August 2013

2D Festival - A Review!

Living and working in Ireland this year, Team RAZARHAWK found themselves ideally situated to swan on over to the 2D Comics Festival in Londonderry last month. Except, that is, for the 5 hour drive from our location in County Galway!!! Still, with so many great comic creators attending, the effort had to be made.

I should point out that we weren't exhibiting RazarHawk and were there as punters only. Despite this, we still managed to sell a copy of issues  #1 and #2 to comics writer Tony Lee! (Not bragging or owt)

So, after a 5am start and a non-stop journey through the beautiful Irish countryside, I gotta admit we were a little underwhelmed at the scope of the convention in place at Derry's Millennium Forum venue. Compared to what we're used to it all seemed a bit, well, small. Given the steps we took to get there early enough to cram in a full day of comic goodness we were left wondering how we were going to fill the time until the evening panels that we wanted to attend.

We really shouldn't have worried!!! As is always the case at conventions, you never have time to fit everything you want to do in, and once we got chatting to some awesome people about their awesome comics, the day escaped us.

First up was 'School Of Bitches' creators Alan Stealth (best name in comics!) and Dhalia. We'd sort of crossed paths with these guys at the Cardiff Expo back in February, but this time around we got in a solid chat about all things comic creating and self-publishing. They were seriously cool guys and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their comic as the intriguing issue #1 keeps its cards very close to its chest, but offers so much potential.

Moving on I caught the eye of the perpetually cheerful Mike Collins through the dense throng of fans crowding his desk and managed to share a few words with him by shouting over said crowd. It always seems to be this way at conventions with Mike, but having a professional acquaintance with him through working on some of the same animation productions, I know that I'll get to see him again soon enough, so we left him to it.

Just around the corner from Mike we stopped at the desk of Darren McDaid, founder and designer of 'ABeadsCStart'. As well as being a top bloke, he's hit on a really great little niche idea of pixelating images of, well, anything really, but mostly popular comics and games characters and then using that pixelated design as a basis to create key rings, jewellery, trinkets and art pieces by melting coloured beads together. He had a table stacked so high with cool stuff that after handling amongst other things a Dexters Lab piece and some pizza slice earrings, Dani just couldn't choose what she wanted there and then, so we promised to come back later.

Down the corridor from there, we managed to catch Glyn Dillon during a quiet period, so Dani plucked up the nerve and asked him to sign her copy of 'Nao of Brown' that she'd brought with. He obliged not only by signing, but painting a watercolour of Nao on the inside cover, which was amazing to watch. During this, Glyn's table mate Warrick Johnson-Cadwell returned and sketched a mermaid on all fours (?) on the copy of 'Shore Leave', his latest art/sketch book, that I bought. After chatting to the pair about movie options, meditation, wanting to slap Nao in the face, rock/paper/scissors and thumb war (Glyn Dillon is undefeated - his hands are massive!), we gave them each a copy of RazarHawk for a bit of light reading on the flight back to the UK.

Heading downstairs, we sauntered up to the equally awesome table of Tony Lee and Dan Berry. Me and Dani are fans of Dan's comics/art podcast 'Make It Then Tell Everybody', and I'd seen him draw an awesome picture of Bane with a tambourine earlier on and wanted something equally awesome. I also had a secret agenda to give Tony Lee our last copy of RazarHawk, as I had attended a really inspiring storytelling seminar by him at a comics event called 'Launch Pad' two years ago when me and Dani were just starting our comic venture. Now that we've completed the first RazarHawk storyline i thought that having Tony Lee read it would be a nice way to bring it back to where it started. And who knows, maybe we could get a quote for the cover. So, after a great chat with the pair, buying Tony's new 'MacGyver' comics and a couple of Dan's books as well as a fancy sketch by Dan of RoboCop rocking out with guitar and wearing brogues, I gave RazarHawk to Tony Lee and mentioned the Launch Pad seminar. Proving himself a class act and a true gent, he actually bought the comics for our standard convention price of £2 each. Very cool.

Just down the line from Mssrs Lee and Berry was the table shared by Emma Vieceli and Kate Brown. Dani chatted to Kate Brown and bought her sumptuously arty looking 'Fish + Chocolate' book. You'd have to ask her what they talked about 'cos I was too busy blagging Emma Vieceli's head in as to when we'll see more of her creator owned series 'Dragon Heir'. I bought the first volume of this two years ago after a seminar by Vieceli at the same Launch Pad event that I saw Tony Lee, and subsequently devoured it on a loch-side holiday in Scotland. It's a project close to her heart and she's itching to get back to it as soon as possible, but she's lucky enough to be riding a wave of paid work right now, and looking at her art it's not hard to see why.

Two tables on again sat a guy and a girl flanked by banners that read "Roller Grrrls Sketchbook" above a badass image of a roller derby in full swing. It looked so cool that I had to enquire further. As it turns out, the sketchbook is a taster of their forthcoming self-published comic book series 'Roller Grrrls'. Chatting to the couple we found out that for a good while now they had been wanting to tell a story with a cast of strong female characters and had previously been developing a genre blending Space/Western idea about a group of characters (y'know, leader, pilot, weapons specialist, medic etc) travelling the frontiers of human space in a cool ship, picking up dodgy smuggling jobs and avoiding the law. Then, Joss Whedons 'Firefly' tv series came out. So they abandoned the idea and eventually discovered the world of roller derby, which captured their imaginations. The two comic creators were super enthusiastic about the project and rightly so if the sketchbook is any indication of the quality we can expect. A collection of character designs, colour tests, pencil roughs, layouts, posters and even teaser story strips for the comic, the sketchbook is beautifully printed in large magazine format, which, growing up with Marvel UK comics, I'm a total sucker for. US comics still look weird to me. Anyway, impressive preview art aside, what really sold me on picking up the first issue when it's released in July is that the couple want to tell really strong character driven stories about everyday human problems and emotions, all set against the backdrop of roller derby. We told them about RazarHawk as this is very similar to what I've got planned for the comic now that the first introductory storyline is finished - human level stories and concerns against a big budget sci-fi action backdrop - and that the biggest influence on my storytelling is Jamie Hernandez' 'Love and Rockets'. (An early title idea for RazarHawk was 'Love and Robots'!) As the guy acknowledged his shared love for 'Love and Rockets', I clocked his name tag - Gary Erskine. Holy Shit! At that point I really wished we'd had another copy of RazarHawk to give to them as I think they'd dig it. Ah well, I'm sure we'll cross paths again, and I look forward to that day as we had such a great time talking to these guys. Thanks Anna and Gary for capping off a day of awesome comic chat.

In a bit of a daze at how much awesome we'd taken in, we didn't really know what to do next. But I was snapped back to urgency whenI noticed many of the creators packing up. The afternoon had flown by! Simon Furman and Geoff Senior had already left their table, which was a pisser because I wanted a sketch by Geoff and he doesn't frequent comic conventions very often. I'd also previously noticed that Simon had some original Marvel UK Transformers comics for sale that are missing from my collection. It would've been an awesome thing to add these to my collection by buying them from the very guy who wrote them. Ah well.

As Dani debated buying 'The Man Who Laughs' graphic novel from David Hine (she didn't in the end because he was engrossed in his laptop and she didn't want to disturb him), I legged it to Cam Kennedy's table. I really wanted his sketchbook, but the queue around his table was ridiculous all day. I got there and found him completely packed up and pretty much out the door, but being a top chap he graciously signed a sketchbook for me and was on his way.

Heading back upstairs to exit the venue, we walked back past the ABeadsCStart table. With all the awesomeness we'd taken in, I'd completely forgotten about going back and I think Dani might have too. Darren had done such a good trade that his table was pretty much empty, except for the Dexters Lab piece. Score! 

So, with an hour or so to kill before the Transformers panel at 'Sandeinos' pub across the road we wandered Derry looking for food and found 'Build-a-Burger'. Once I found out that they do a burger with gummi bears in I was sold.

Back at Sandeinos we walked in to the tail end of the comic themed pub quiz and met up again with the 'School of Bitches' lads, whose quiz team managed to claim 2nd or 3rd place, I can't remember which. After the quiz was an enjoyable veteran filled panel guest starring Herbe Trimp about the Transformers legacy, and finally an off-kilter panel about "keeping it real" with some upcoming indie comic creators, and guest starring… Herbe Trimpe. He was ace and brought a good level of humour to the panels.

And then it was all over - a long day that had nonetheless flown by and was chock full of awesome. Time to head back to the B&B to rest up and face the inevitable post-convention blues.

If you're ever in Ireland/Northern Ireland and can make it to the 2D Comics Festival, I'd strongly recommend that you take the opportunity. It always features a really strong line up of talented comic creators that is hard to believe given that the event is free to attend!!! We had such a good time that we're seriously thinking about exhibiting RazarHawk next year.



Sunday, 11 August 2013


JESUS TITS would you look at this! Owen Watts AKA CrazyFoxMachine off've The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and the Professor Elemental Comic has been drawing custom Dreddheads for a while, a notable favourite being the infamous Brian Blessed Dreddhead! For my biiiiiiiirthday (I reckon) he knocked up one of our gal Kitty Hawk!

ARGH! Kitty as a Judge! I didn't even know it was my one and only fantasy until right now! JUDGE ME KITTY! *faints*

*recovers* Have a look at Owen's other Dreddheads, they are awesome!
It makes me want to watch Dredd again. And read RazarHawk again.

Thanks Owen! ^-^

- Dani

Friday, 5 July 2013


Breaking News!

We are thrilled to announce (all officials like) that RAZARHAWK will be appearing at Melksham Comic Con 2013!

However, sit down. There is some bad news. I know, deep down, that the queues we experience at our table at these conventions are usually full of eager faces anticipating a meeting with our Ian.

I get it. He's my hero too.

It is with regret, then, that I should inform you that Ian Matthews will not be in attendance at MCC 2013, due to commitments to his epic Irish Beard Growing. He will be sorely missed.

To make it up to you - we instead have our very own booth babe: the comic reading, puppet making, animating, horror watching, podcast listening, sci-fi addict Kerry Dyer! 

I spoil you! 

So come and meet me (Dani.. you know.. the artist) and Kerry on our table at the bestest, biggest little con in the UK! 

See you at MCC2013! 


Monday, 20 May 2013

BCE2013: Round up!

Team RAZARHAWK had a sales smashing, con-sketch bashing, blue wiggy, nerd chatting-ly AWESOME time at BCExpo!  We are completely dumbfounded by the reaction we've been getting to our shit hot series. We think it's ace and we're glad you do too!
Bristol Expo is among our favourite cons, so it was an amazing feeling selling there. We were amongst our small press brethren and surrounded by indie coolness!

We were crammed into the (in our opinion!) coolest aisle of comics: right next to Lou Scannon and Joe Glass off've The Pride and Stiffs! We got to catch up with the AMAZING Mark Pearce: pictured signing the £5 note he used to buy RAZARHAWK with! Ian is going to frame it with his Ronin Dogs print! We also saw many awesome friends who dropped by to pick up their issues! There are too many to mention but hopefully you know how much your support means to us!

We met many new fans of Razarhawk too! It is a joy to chat to supporters of small press and to see them walk away with a copy of our comic. We also had some awesome kids stop by and draw us some pictures! Future comic book artists in the making! We'll post their images on the support page very soon - alongside all your names as a great big Thank You for encouraging us and the UK Small Press scene!

On the night before the con, the awesome people at Chaos Hour posted a Spotlight on Razarhawk over on the Chaos Hour website! We got to catch up with them at Bristol too! So have a read of their article, we are so pleased with it!

If you missed us at BCE or CICE and you're dying to know what all the fuss is about you can now buy our comics online here! We have a comicsy store! Woo!

If you bought RH #1 or #2 don't forget we would LOVE to hear what you think! What's your favourite page!? Who's your favourite Monkey Scientist?! You can chat to us on Twitter or e-mail! Just see the contact page for details.

We will post news of our next con appearance very soon. Until then, it's all pistons go on RH III! >:D


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bristol Comics Expo 2013!

Tonight, Team RAZARHAWK embark on the epic journey from the depths of Connemara to Dani's spiritual home of Bristol for Bristol Comics Expo! We are SO EXCITED!
Ew, some nerd's trying to kiss my comic book!

We'll be launching Issue #2 of Razarhawk! Wanna know what happens!? ARGH I'M NOT TELLING >:D

We've also got Issue #1 for sale with an epic alternative cover!
Pop along for a chat! We love cons and want to be chatting comics all day long! Don't avoid us! We're super friendly and Dani dyed her hair and everyfin'..
Come and ask us about making your own comics, come and get a sketch, ask us about animation, ask us about unsigned South Wales based rock bands, ask us about being well nervous... ANYTHING! :D

Buy our comics, or don't. Makes no difference, you're mine.


Sunday, 5 May 2013


We're pleased to announce that with less than twenty copies of issue #1 still in our possession RazarHawk is getting a second print run, just in time for the Bristol Comic Expo.

To mark the occasion, the second printing will feature an alternative cover by Dan Burt - painter, photographer, graphic/web designer, and all round creative talent.

We didn't want to restrict Dans creative spark, so we encouraged him to interpret the RazarHawk world/characters in his own vision, and we're pleased to say that he took our encouragement and ran with it. Just take a look at the image.

This cover will be limited to the second print run of 100 copies only. If you'd like to see more of Dans art, commission him for work, or even just say "hi", you can contact him at the following e-mail address:

We asked Dan to write a few words about his cover for this blog, so here's it is, straight from the horses mouth:

Razarhawk #1 Alternative Cover

I love creative indie projects & Ian & Dani's Razarhawk was the perfect excuse for me to dust my brushes off & get involved with the fantastic original adventure that they've realized!

 Ian & Dani are embracing other creative types by offering up their 'baby' for interpretation and this was my approach: a real 'Alternative' cover version.

'Kitty' certainly kicks ass most of the time in true comic book style!...I chose to portrait her as sensitive & exposed to the looming threat. Her cold skin tone, closed eyes, flyaway hair & semi nakedness are intended to depict her in a rare moment of vulnerability.

My style is perhaps more realism than comic character art so in the transition from comic book to portrait I've tried to add that extra emotion.

For anyone interested I paint with standard acrylics on a canvas actually intended for oil pastels (I'm an awkward one!). Thanks for giving me shot with her guys! :)

 - db.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Hello Kitty by Rob Jackson

Look at this stunner! Isn't she gorgeous!?
We got a late night tweet from a Mr Rob Jackson linking us to this image!

I love the jetsuit design! I could see it in Aeon Flux, if he doesn't mind the comparison! I am myself a massive fan of skinny, elongated character design and I thoroughly adore every pixel in this painting.

And the white-blue-white composition didn't go unnoticed either.


Any one else fancy a stab at our heroine?! We would LOVE to welcome your efforts! Find me on twitter or hit up my email! :D

- Dani

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Strat-Ops Flight suit redux!

Since artwork ceased on RH#2, Dani has been so lost and confused she's taken to rejigging the designs of everything. Kitty's flight suit has been the same since the original drawing way back in 2010! We think it's time for a makeover!

What do you think!?

Of course, she's just adding more lines for herself for #3...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Have a gander at our cover for issue 2 of Razarhawk! We're releasing this issue at Bristol Comics Expo 2013. Will you be there!?