Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hello Kitty...


She's the main character in a forthcoming, as-yet-untitled, small press action-adventure comic book from creators Ian Matthews and Dani Abram.

That sort of makes it sound like we've done nothing yet and when we do it'll be rubbish. But we'll show you!

Originally conceived for an anthology of comic stories linked by a taxi theme, the Kitty Hawk idea didn't quite fit the editors vision. Unwilling to adapt their awesome idea [read: unable to think of another idea] Ian and Dani instead made grand, exciting plans to publish it themselves [read: made lots of hard work for themselves]. Callously testing Ian's commitment to the project [read: to her gruelling schedule] Dani eagerly sliced open her palm with a rusty straight razor and suggested they make a blood pact. Being a bit of a mummy's boy he burst straight into tears, so she begrudgingly let him off the hook. This time.

Ian and Dani's ultimate goal is to have a standard format 22 page comic book printed and ready to sell at the Bristol Comics Expo in May 2012. That might seem like a long way off, but full time jobs always interfere with the fun stuff. Plus, it'll take us that long to agree on a title.

Anyway, we can't wait and we hope you'll still be with us next May, eagerly anticipating our book. We can't promise that it'll be knowingly post-moderningly clever, but we can promise that it'll be fuck loads of fun.

Don't expect to be enlightened, expect to have your ass kicked!

Keep checking back here for the official Kitty Hawk monthly post, starting 1st of August 2011, or follow the artist Dani on Twitter or at her Blog for all the latest breaking news on our progress.