Thursday, 7 March 2013

CICE: Afterword

Team RazarHawk have crash landed back in Ireland after an amazing launch at CICE at the weekend!

We never in our wildest dreams could have anticipated such a response! We sold over half our first print run at the convention and have had many online orders since! We are fast running out and steps are in motion on our second print run already! It's been less than a week you beautiful, comic hungry, nerdy bunch, you!

We would like to send out positive and thankful vibes to those who swung by our table for an issue, picked up a sketch or even just stopped by for a chat!
For all those who did pick up an issue – we would LOVE to hear what you thought! You are very welcome to send us an email or tweet :)

We have so many people to thank for making our con experience what it was. Mostly and lovingly and especially to con organiser extraordinaire: Iz. Iz Bloody McAuliffe. She enriches lives.
Always happy to see our con BFFs Lou Scannon (who launched #5! It's one of the strongest small press titles out there ever and if you haven't checked it out yet you really must!) and we made a new friend in Steve 'story o' th' moon' Penfold who draws an AWESOME comic called Moon. It's the story of the moon people! Fell out the sky, put on a suit, grabbed a gun and started fighting ridiculous crime! Just read that again if you missed its genius. I loved it – grabbed issues 1 & 2. It's like an Asian cop action flick but in a comic and starring the Moon!  

We would also like you to know that if you picked up a copy of Razarhawk at the weekend then we took your name! We would love to add you to this site to show our gratitude for your support! I'd love to add all the photos of the sketches I did in your issues! ^-^ So watch out for a 'Supporters' tab in the very near future!

We would also like to say that for the next print run of #1 will have a variant cover! We have completely stolen this idea from the Scannons and do not apologise for it! We think it's awesome! So the first 100 copies of each copy of RazarHawk will always have a cover drawn by meee (Dani Abram!) and once they have sold out we will be offering awesome covers from artists much more awesome than I! We already have 2 completely shitting amazing people lined up for issues 1 & 2! How cool!?

Our next con is officially Bristol Comics Expo held over the weekend 11th-12th May at the good ol' Brunels Old Station, Temple Meads. Get your tickets!

If you can't wait that long for your copy of RAZARHAWK #1 and missed us at CICE – drop us an email, maybe we can sort something out! Please bear with us though, we are currently working in Ireland and are trying to run this operation as smoothly as we possibly can :)