Monday, 20 May 2013

BCE2013: Round up!

Team RAZARHAWK had a sales smashing, con-sketch bashing, blue wiggy, nerd chatting-ly AWESOME time at BCExpo!  We are completely dumbfounded by the reaction we've been getting to our shit hot series. We think it's ace and we're glad you do too!
Bristol Expo is among our favourite cons, so it was an amazing feeling selling there. We were amongst our small press brethren and surrounded by indie coolness!

We were crammed into the (in our opinion!) coolest aisle of comics: right next to Lou Scannon and Joe Glass off've The Pride and Stiffs! We got to catch up with the AMAZING Mark Pearce: pictured signing the £5 note he used to buy RAZARHAWK with! Ian is going to frame it with his Ronin Dogs print! We also saw many awesome friends who dropped by to pick up their issues! There are too many to mention but hopefully you know how much your support means to us!

We met many new fans of Razarhawk too! It is a joy to chat to supporters of small press and to see them walk away with a copy of our comic. We also had some awesome kids stop by and draw us some pictures! Future comic book artists in the making! We'll post their images on the support page very soon - alongside all your names as a great big Thank You for encouraging us and the UK Small Press scene!

On the night before the con, the awesome people at Chaos Hour posted a Spotlight on Razarhawk over on the Chaos Hour website! We got to catch up with them at Bristol too! So have a read of their article, we are so pleased with it!

If you missed us at BCE or CICE and you're dying to know what all the fuss is about you can now buy our comics online here! We have a comicsy store! Woo!

If you bought RH #1 or #2 don't forget we would LOVE to hear what you think! What's your favourite page!? Who's your favourite Monkey Scientist?! You can chat to us on Twitter or e-mail! Just see the contact page for details.

We will post news of our next con appearance very soon. Until then, it's all pistons go on RH III! >:D


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