Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bristol Comics Expo 2013!

Tonight, Team RAZARHAWK embark on the epic journey from the depths of Connemara to Dani's spiritual home of Bristol for Bristol Comics Expo! We are SO EXCITED!
Ew, some nerd's trying to kiss my comic book!

We'll be launching Issue #2 of Razarhawk! Wanna know what happens!? ARGH I'M NOT TELLING >:D

We've also got Issue #1 for sale with an epic alternative cover!
Pop along for a chat! We love cons and want to be chatting comics all day long! Don't avoid us! We're super friendly and Dani dyed her hair and everyfin'..
Come and ask us about making your own comics, come and get a sketch, ask us about animation, ask us about unsigned South Wales based rock bands, ask us about being well nervous... ANYTHING! :D

Buy our comics, or don't. Makes no difference, you're mine.



  1. Hey! The new covers look amazing! Is there any chance you could please put a copy of #2 and an alternate art #1 to one side for me please?