Sunday, 5 May 2013


We're pleased to announce that with less than twenty copies of issue #1 still in our possession RazarHawk is getting a second print run, just in time for the Bristol Comic Expo.

To mark the occasion, the second printing will feature an alternative cover by Dan Burt - painter, photographer, graphic/web designer, and all round creative talent.

We didn't want to restrict Dans creative spark, so we encouraged him to interpret the RazarHawk world/characters in his own vision, and we're pleased to say that he took our encouragement and ran with it. Just take a look at the image.

This cover will be limited to the second print run of 100 copies only. If you'd like to see more of Dans art, commission him for work, or even just say "hi", you can contact him at the following e-mail address:

We asked Dan to write a few words about his cover for this blog, so here's it is, straight from the horses mouth:

Razarhawk #1 Alternative Cover

I love creative indie projects & Ian & Dani's Razarhawk was the perfect excuse for me to dust my brushes off & get involved with the fantastic original adventure that they've realized!

 Ian & Dani are embracing other creative types by offering up their 'baby' for interpretation and this was my approach: a real 'Alternative' cover version.

'Kitty' certainly kicks ass most of the time in true comic book style!...I chose to portrait her as sensitive & exposed to the looming threat. Her cold skin tone, closed eyes, flyaway hair & semi nakedness are intended to depict her in a rare moment of vulnerability.

My style is perhaps more realism than comic character art so in the transition from comic book to portrait I've tried to add that extra emotion.

For anyone interested I paint with standard acrylics on a canvas actually intended for oil pastels (I'm an awkward one!). Thanks for giving me shot with her guys! :)

 - db.

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