Friday, 5 July 2013


Breaking News!

We are thrilled to announce (all officials like) that RAZARHAWK will be appearing at Melksham Comic Con 2013!

However, sit down. There is some bad news. I know, deep down, that the queues we experience at our table at these conventions are usually full of eager faces anticipating a meeting with our Ian.

I get it. He's my hero too.

It is with regret, then, that I should inform you that Ian Matthews will not be in attendance at MCC 2013, due to commitments to his epic Irish Beard Growing. He will be sorely missed.

To make it up to you - we instead have our very own booth babe: the comic reading, puppet making, animating, horror watching, podcast listening, sci-fi addict Kerry Dyer! 

I spoil you! 

So come and meet me (Dani.. you know.. the artist) and Kerry on our table at the bestest, biggest little con in the UK! 

See you at MCC2013! 


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  1. Yaaaay!!! But boo. But yaaaaaay... etc