Monday, 2 September 2013

MCC 2013!

This weekend RAZARHAWK had the pleasure of appearing at the second Melksham Comic Convention! Any way I try to describe it in my head sounds completely patronising but it really is the 'little con that could!' Set in an idyllic Wiltshire village (in the community hall no less) it's fair to call it small. But boy, did it pack a fierce little punch! With guests such as Mike Collins, Kieron Gillen and Emma Vieceli, lots of fun indie comics tables, a gigantic Harley Quinn LIFE SIZE CAKE, a fun raffle with lots of whooping and hollarin', and really well attended by kids and grown ups alike, it was hard to forget that you weren't at one of the more established conventions! 
I was flying solo, as anyone within a 50 foot radius may have heard, so thank you from the bottom of my bum for coming to chat to me and buy my comics! I had so much fun! 

Huge thanks to everyone who made it! And if you didn't, FRET NOT. For you can still pick up copies of RH #1 and #2 at my super cool online comics shop: HERE

We don't have many issues of #2 left! We are so excited about who we have lined up to create our alternative cover too! ARGH! It's so exciting getting new print runs! 

Our next appearance will be 5th October for Nottingham's NERDfest :D Ian will be back! Yay! Hurrah! New cover! Whoo! 

See you there :)

- Dani

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