Wednesday, 11 September 2013


RazarHawk's next convention appearance will be the NerdFest event in Nottingham! It is the first comic con to be held in the city and is a one day event (on Saturday 5th October!) packed with awesome guests, artists and exhibitors!

And yes, Ian Matthews will be in attendance! #IanWatch

But, steady yourselves, that is not the most exciting news! We'll be unleashing the new, totally the most awesome, the-most-beautiful-thing-I-have-ever-laid-my-eyes-on, seriously-I-love-it, BAD ASS, limited alternative cover for Issue #2! 

Maybe we'll tease it soon? 

If you have not picked up a copy of Issue #2 yet and won't be at Nerdfest - fret not! We still have a couple of original cover versions, as well as digital options, to buy on our always-open-online-convention-table: here! :D 

Will we be seeing you at Nottingham?! I really hope we will get chance to visit the infamous Page 45 comic shop too!

- Dani

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