Sunday, 15 September 2013


Clench tight geek peeps, this might make you shit!

The murderously good picture you see to the left is the cover for the second printing of RazarHawk issue #2, and we are as excited to announce it as no doubt you are to see it.

As we did with issue #1, we invited a guest artist to create an image to mark the second printing, and this time around we approached Dave Clifford, a veteran of the South Wales and South West small press comics scene having self-published eight issues and counting of the excellent 'Dexters Half Dozen' - the comic series he co-creates with writer Jamie Lambert.

Asking Dave to do the alternative cover for issue #2 really was a no brainer. 'Dexters Half Dozen' is my personal favourite small press comic (I'm even the proud owner of original artwork from the series), and quite honestly I've been trying to find an opportunity to gush about it for a while.

Set during World War 2, the "half dozen" are a band of allied forces misfits hand picked by Dexter Kilby - Churchill's occult advisor - to reconnoitre and engage the growing supernatural threat employed by the Nazis that is being largely co-ordinated by the powerful entity known as Walpurgis. Jamie's storylines are a melting pot of shady characters, mixed agendas and great ideas, and his skill at setting up enigmatic plot hooks then delivering gobsmacking pay-offs not only keeps me eagerly awaiting every issue, but is also a major influence on my own writing for RazarHawk. As for the artwork, Dave's expressive and cinematically expressionist art style - which harks to films such as 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari', 'Nosferatu' and 'The Golem'- complements the tone of the comic perfectly, menace lurking in every angular shadow and silhouette.

It should go without saying that both myself and Dani are huge fans of Dave's work, and we're honoured that he's brought all the elements of his style to our own comic. I love his distinctive figure drawing and line work, I love his textured brush strokes, and I love the visceral splatter artefacts that he uses so well in 'Dexter's Half Dozen' to lend it a pulpy quality. And I love that all this is wrapped up compositionally in a twisted echo of the visual themes that are an ongoing part of Dani's own RazarHawk covers.

We hope to bring you a few words in the near future by Dave himself about the creation of this piece, and the cover itself will be unleashed on Saturday the 5th October 2013 at Nottingham's NerdFest, which is our next convention appearance.

Until then, you'll just have to take your computer to the bathroom every time you want to look at it.


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  1. Hot damn, David Clifford draws the best wimmin!