Friday, 11 October 2013

Post-NerdFest post

Goblins. Elves. Space Marines. Demons. All archetypes of fantasy/science-fiction, and all synonymous with the city of Nottingham.

Commonly known by its moniker "the lead-belt", the city is somewhat of a mecca for manufacturers of pewter figurines, and in fact you could be forgiven for never having heard of Nottingham until the roleplaying and table-top wargames hobbies put it on the map.*

Today it's hard to remember a time when Games Workshop didn't rule Nottingham with an iron fist, for so long now have ten-feet-tall space marine statues stood implacably before the gates of Warhammer World, watching over the modest sized car park much as the eye of Sauron watches over Middle Earth.

But we're not here to tell stories of thieves stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. We're here to talk about Nottingham's new cultural horizon - NERD FEST!!!

Last Saturday RazarHawk exhibited at the very first Nerd Fest, a new comic convention held at the Britannia Hotel, and we had a great time.

First and foremost I want to give credit to Kev and the team for their hard work organising a well run convention. In the months since booking our table we had received regular e-mail updates on their progress and this was followed up on the day by helpful staff who showed us to our table where we found a welcome pack of bottled water, sweets and pencils/pens. The layout of the convention rooms was well thought through and allowed for plenty of space around the tables, which, as anyone else who exhibits regularly at comic conventions will appreciate, was a real luxury.

Promptly finding ourselves flanked by Steve Tanner/Time Bomb Comics to our right and Tom Tukes/Genma Visage to the left, we knew that if nothing else we'd at least be able to happily chat the day away with our table neighbours.

Of course, we needn't have worried about finding people to chat to. As soon as the doors opened (which was a few minutes late as the guy with the keys went AWOL, lol), the convention rooms filled up. At the vanguard of the crowds a Caprica Six cylon strode confidently through the doors, commanding her chromed robot entourage to pose for photographs. A squad of Stormtroopers and, bizarrely, the Stig from Top Gear then filed into the hall behind the Six, before the people of Nottingham flooded in to keep us busy for the day.

Being the first ever Nerd Fest it was a one-day event only, and jam packed into the hours 10am to 4pm. This was great as it meant we were continually chatting to friendly and enthusiastic comic book fans for a large part of the day, and even with such esteemed comic book creators as Gary Erskine and John McRae within spitting distance, we were never short of people showing interest in RazarHawk. Good thing too, as I'd clocked Mantic Games' table on the way in and knew that given half a chance I'd be leaving Nottingham with a copy of their futuristic board game 'DreadBall' despite desperately trying to cauterise the flow of money from my wallet in the run up to the festive season. As it stands, Dani still has a chance of getting a Christmas present this year.

Adding to the good vibes was the live music provided by local Nottingham bands. This was a cool and novel idea for a comic convention, although we were glad our table was at the far end of the hall as at times we struggled to hold a conversation with our customers over the volume.

Overall we had a fantastic day and for me it was perfectly rounded off by getting to join the cream of UK comic book artists by sketching a shitting pig in master printer Stuart Gould's art book (see pictures under the 'supporters' tab).

So, huge thanks to everybody who stopped by our table, and Roll on Nerd Fest 2014! We hope to see you there.



* Obviously I'm being heavily sarcastic and I would encourage anyone to browse Nottingham's wikipedia page - it truly is a culturally rich city.
Thanks to @sweena off've Elysia for taking this picture! :D 

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