Monday, 4 November 2013

Falmouth! Not Foul Mouth!

So last weekend, with the rest of the comic community headed to London for the big MCM expo, Team RazarHawk did the complete opposite and travelled to the quaint Cornish coastal town of Falmouth to champion the underdog, the brand new 22 Panels Comic Con.

Located in the quirky Poly Arts Centre (complete with a theatre ghost currently haunting the fridge - that’s what Coral told me anyway), 22 Panels - our second “little con that could” of the year along with Melksham Comic Con back in August - managed to boast the attendance of the legendary John M. Burns with his portfolio of original Modesty Blaise artwork, the all-star Jock with his expressive art style, and self made comic book heroes Paul Grist and Dan Berry sharing a table together, among others. There was also an exhibition of original 2000AD artwork, workshops, panel discussions, and screenings.

On the small press side of things, RazarHawk spent the weekend hanging out with some cool creators and talking to lots of friendly people. Massive shout outs have to go to our awesome table neighbours Phil, Phil and Chris. To our left was Phil Johnson, an amazing artist who was selling character sketches over the weekend as well as displaying his portfolio. His draftsmanship is classically comic book and eye-wateringly good. I even caught John Burns admiring his work, and that says something. Check out the RoboCop and Lara Croft he drew for me and Dani respectively.

 We’re looking forward to catching up with Phil at Thought Bubble, where we plan to stretch a piece of string with yoghurt pots on either end between our tables so we can chat. You can see more of Phil’s work at his website. Also thanks to Phil’s mum for bringing us fancy biscuits. On our right was Chris Odgers, main man of Sawhorse Publishing. An all around creative renaissance man, he was selling the sumptuously bound books that he writes and lavishly illustrates in his intricate pen and ink style. It makes me wince to think about how much time must go into his work. He was also selling limited edition prints as well as displaying original artwork that he’s contributed to some up and coming books. Check him out at:

One table down from Chris sat Phil Harvey. A class act and with great taste in music, we hit it off pretty quickly. He was selling prints and artwork that demonstrated the diverse range of styles that he’s capable of. He’s currently adding caricature artwork to that range, and judging by the caricature he did of me (on the sly I might add, without me posing) I’d say he’s getting pretty proficient pretty quickly. Check out more of his work at his website here!

As well as work by these three top gentlemen, my other sweet steal from the weekend was the latest addition to my RoboCop band sketches by Dan Berry. We met this friendly fellow in Derry, Northern Ireland earlier in the year for the 2D Festival where I asked him to sketch me a RoboCop. Taking full creative licence, he depicted RoboCop rocking out with guitar and brogue shoes. After this I’d decided that every time we cross paths at a convention I’m gonna ask him for another sketch of RoboCop playing a different instrument, and slowly build a Robo Band. This time around, I had to get the rhythm section down - check it out, RoboCop wailing on his 209 drum kit. I love it! (P.s. See the 2D write up below for a look at the previous sketch. Also, check out Dan’s great comics podcast

So, aside from the tool who ran our not-worth-it-for-the-price B&B telling me I couldn't open the front door because “the wind must be blowing on it”, amongst other twatty behaviour, we had a great time in Falmouth.

We hope to see 22 Panels return to this burgeoning little art community again next year.


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