Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 eh?

Happy New Year everyone!

So, here we are staring down the barrel of 2014. Looking back, we’re really proud of what we achieved last year. We launched our comic book, got a second issue out (completing the story arc), made appearances at six separate comic conventions across the UK, and moved our blog site to its own dot com. Phewf! And we had a shit ton of fun doing it all.

Of course, looking back is all well and good, but here at RazarHawk Towers we’re all about looking forward. So what’s in store for this year?

Well, hands down our main focus is to get more issues out. We’ve got a really good outline of the next story line, which will expand the RazarHawk world and develop the characters. It’s more involved than the first storyline for sure, and we’re anticipating it to take up four issues at least. That means we might not get the whole thing out this year, but we’re hyped and excited to get going!

We’ve got three comic convention appearances already booked for 2014 (Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham), with another currently being booked. And we may well arrange more throughout the year as and when bookings become available. Also on the convention front we’re aiming to add a second back banner to our stand, as well as remembering to always pack our beautiful blue table cloth so we don’t need to nick a bed sheet from the hotel.

Finally we’re looking forward to meeting readers old and new, as well as catching up with all the awesome friends we’ve made through the small press comic scene. You’re all amazing!

All this is yet to come, but to kick the year off in style we wanted to show you these awesome pictures that we discovered while trawling through the vault in preparation for 2014. These were drawn for us last May at the Bristol Comic Expo by some of our younger readers. Many thanks to Chloe and William (and parents). We hope you’ll continue to draw loads of cool new pictures this year, and one day we’ll be buying your comic!

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