Sunday, 26 January 2014

Thought Bubble 2013

So I think too much time has passed for any meaningful write up of Thought Bubble 2013, but I do want to point out that we've added the few pictures we managed to snap over the weekend to the supporters tab.

We also want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came to speak to us during the event.

Memorable highlights for me include having an awesome Transformers chat with a guy while Dani sketched a Bone for him, chatting to two girls about panel layouts in Young Avengers while Dani sketched Miss America pictures for them, meeting Vincent Krasauskas and since discovering his excellent something-for-everyone-journalism via A Guide To Geekdom, meeting the Ironshod Ape guys (thanks to Austin for the connection) and buying their excellent comics, and, as always, getting to hang out with the Lou Scannon brothers. Our weekend was also perpetually perked up by the awesome Kev Brett, organiser of NerdFest Comic Con, who, in addition to being a cool guy, also kept bringing us loads of sweets. Sweet!

The five star highlight of my weekend though actually had nothing to do with Thought Bubble, but was simply enjoying a relaxed pub meal on the Saturday night with our friends and co-exhibitors, toymaker Kerry Dyer and artist extraordinaire Phil Johnson. Do check out their work.

My con haul is pictured below, and though embarrassingly small I like to think it makes up for quantity with quality. Props again to Ironshod Ape - I'm really looking forward to crossing paths with these guys again and seeing more of the 'Cthulhiad' series and the next 'Beached Rockets'. Thanks to Gareth for the sketch in the back of issue #2, it's really whet my appetite for #3 (we're totally stealing that idea by the way), and thanks to Andrew for the spaceship sketch (I've a feeling you didn't want to part with it, but weren't gonna let Gareth get one up on you in the sketch stakes either).

So that's Thought Bubble (kind of). Hope to see you at a con soon.


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  1. Cheers Ian, very kind! Truly a pleasure meeting you guys, glad you had a fun time!