Sunday, 17 August 2014

Issue #3 Sneak Peek...

Work on the anticipated #3 is well underway! It has taken a lot more effort to finalise the script for this comic as it is the beginning of a much bigger story arc. We really wanted to make sure all the right elements were included, a tight script is extremely important to us ^_^

However, that doesn't stop me messing about with pencils in the meanwhile! Here is a mocked up version of what I hope the final cover will look like! It's the issue cover I've been waiting for since Alex has been my favourite character since damn near the time Ian asked 'Hey, do you wanna make a comic!?'
She's ma gurl!

We'll be attending Melksham Comic Con at the end of this month! Are you coming? I am releasing Worry Wart and our friend The Red Mask From Mars will be there too! You need to check this comic out! It's hellafun!


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