IAN MATTHEWS - Writer/Creator

Being an utterly lazy and thoroughly talentless shite-bag, Ian Matthews has had sod all to do with comics for the first thirty years of his life other than read a ton of them. All this is has changed now that he's hijacked the bonafide talents of fast rising Bristol based art starlet Dani Abram to illustrate his action-adventure story. He's gotten away with this so far because thankfully she likes the same three things he does: guns, coriander and flatulence. In light of the recent release of their first comics collaboration, Ian will be shamelessly taking as much credit for her hard work as he possibly can.

Ian works as a puppet maker at Cave Films in the rugged wilds of Connemara, Ireland, where he's been mistaken for a fisherman.

DANI ABRAM - Artist/Creator

She might look all sweetness and light with her pigtails and shit, but do not be fooled! Dani Abram is one sick puppy. Seriously. She thinks that body horror, bloody revenge and ultra-violence are sugary toppings to sprinkle on her breakfast. To her credit though, she works damn hard to turn her warped visions into fantastically realised artwork, which you can find at her frequently updated blog. Just consider yourselves lucky that she keeps the most disturbing material to herself - a flick through her sketchbook got me so scared that I had to sleep with the light on for a week.

Dani works as a 3D character and facial animator for films, television series, and computer games. She once caught a minnow with her bare hands.