She's the main character in RAZARHAWK, the small press action-adventure comic book from creators Ian Matthews and Dani Abram. 

Originally conceived for an anthology of short comic stories linked by a taxi theme, Ian and Dani greedily saw the potential of creating a bigger toy box to play in, so instead decided to publish it themselves as two 24 page standard format comic books.

Issue #1 was proudly launched at the Cardiff Comic Expo in February 2013 after two years of blood, sweat and tears (mostly from trying to come up with a cool sounding title).

Issue #2 will follow hot on its heels with a May 2013 launch at the Bristol Comic Expo, wrapping up the first action packed storyline.

Ian and Dani's ultimate goal is to continue unfolding the world of RAZARHAWK with many more issues into the future, and plans are well under way for a longer, more ambitious second storyline.  

We'd love to show you more, so feel free to explore this website - the PREVIEW tab in particular houses a 7 page taster of the comic. We can't promise that it'll be knowingly post-moderningly clever, but we can promise that it'll be fuck loads of fun. 

Don't expect to be enlightened, expect to have your ass kicked!