Make no mistake, we love each and every person who discovers RazarHawk and are grateful to all of you for showing your support. But we especially love those people who come to see us at our convention appearances. There's nothing better for us than getting to meet you in person and signing your comic or sketching inside the cover to express our gratitude. As an extra thank you, please find your name below the photo montage of the convention you saw us at. And please don't feel like you can't come and see us again even if you own all the current issues of RazarHawk - the bottom line is we just love a good chat. Hope to see you at the next convention, wherever that may be.



Padraig Balch, Sarah Millman, James Calcott, Harleigh Jenkins, Kerry Milburn, Jaye Andrew, Rhian Player, Jon Bond, Connor Hall, Neil Alexander, Sam Childs, Jamie Lambert, Malcolm Smith, Robert Maicey, Luke Bowling, Paul Friend, Martin Cocking, William Francis, Amy + Ian + Louis, Gerald Horler, David James, Austin Charlesworth, Ben Rees, Sydney Isaac, Carys Brown, Philip Hynes, Gavin Park, Rhydian Carter, Ed North, Jeremy Riggs, Tim Walker, Joe Glass, Gav Mitchell, Lee Meriwether (Catwoman!)

Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival 2013

Andrew Snow, Stuart Worthington, Joseph Wilson, Bryan Robson, Vincent Krasauskas, Bryn Richards, Ricochet Print, Rob 'moustache' Cureton, Taylor Mitchell, Steve Penfold, Laura Kippin, Jef Sinclair, Jim Bampfield, Joseph McGivern, Dan Cook, Robin French, Mike Stock, Alexi Conman

22 Panels 2013, Falmouth

Shannon Girvan, Phil Johnson, Glenn Thomas, Jack Teagle, Matthew King, Ben Dennett, Jason Hamilton, Chris Odgers, Emily King, Josh Manaton, Chris Nicholls, Coral Avery, Tim Kellett, Nicholas Heartland.

Nerd Fest 2013, Nottingham

Caz Bennet, Reece M. Jones, Will Harris, Richie Cotton, Katie Noon, Nigel Crow, Vikki Lee, Simon & Jon, Sam Reilly, Pete Thompson, Neil Sambrook, Elaine & Raymond Boffey.

Bristol Expo 2013

Matthew Smith, Andy James, Seb Burnett, Sam Comley, Ben Campion, Kerry Dyer, Stuart Gould, Dylan Shipley, Alex Dolman, Michael Vennard, Chloe & William Burke, Sara Dunkerton, Rob Bailey, Jim Bampfield, Steven Newbold, Jason Handy, Alex Hollister, Sam Costelloe, Peter Thompson, Luke Harris, Kris Carter, Padraig Balch, Andrew Matson, Ben Mitchell, Paul Hill, Iz McAuliffe, Chris Hobden, Ivo Maelstaf, PJ Montgomery, Josh Alliston, Arfan Sohail, Steve Walker, Jody Meredith, Owen Watts, Jane Davies, Dave Williams, Mark Pearce, Serena Obhrai, Jon Lock, Steve Herbert, Ian Halverson, Oscar Parry, Karl Rygol, Drew Davies, Nich Angell, Jordan Collvern, Andrew Scaife, Connor Boyle, Graham Pearce, Richard Whitaker, Rebecca Holbourn, Tom McCarthaigh.

CICAE Expo 2013, Cardiff

Adrienne Dowling, Iz McAuliffe, Kris Carter, Darren Llewellyn, Terry Cooper, Jim Bampfield, Dan Harris, Steve Penfold, Owen Watts, PJ Montgomery, Stuart Gould, Steve Tanner, Dave Clifford, Rob Jackson, Leon ?, Mike Simmonds-Dickens, Lucy Simmonds-Dickens, Dylan Shipley, Tim Walker, Dean Walton, Alex Walker, Rachel Goring, Huw Parry, Sophie Lewis, David Turner, Malcolm Smith, Patrick Holloway, Matt Bradshaw, Neil Alexander, Jess Bradley, Emma Potton, Sarah Millman, Stacey Whittle, Jonathon Clode, Nathan Maynard, Nich Angell, Cath Parsons, Lisa Powell, Stuart Bruce, Chris Fox, Joe Glass, Gavin Mitchell, Rhydian Carter, Eli Snow, Drew Davies.

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